tier rule modify

Modifies the criteria in a tiering rule (specified by name).


$ maprcli tier rule modify
    -name <rule_name>
    -expr <expression>
    [ -cluster <cluster_name> ]
Request Type POST
Request URL


Parameter Description
cluster The name of the cluster on which to run the command.
expr The criteria for offloading data. The criteria can be defined using a combination of the following:
  • u — the user who owns the file(s) to offload
  • g — the group that owns the file(s) to offload
  • m — the time since the file was modified
  • s — the size of the file to offload. Use b for bytes, k for kilobytes, m for megabytes, or g for gigabytes.
Or, use:
  • p — to offload all the files
  • "" — empty string to not offload any files
Use the following to string multiple criteria for offload:
  • & — to indicate all specified criteria must be met for offload
  • | — to indicate any of the specified criteria is adequate for offload
  • () — to specify sub-expressions
name The name of the rule.


Modify the criteria in the tiering rule, ksTestRule, to offload all files in the volume:

# /opt/mapr/bin/maprcli tier rule modify -name ksTestRule -expr "p" -json
    "timeofday":"2018-01-17 09:37:53.780 GMT+0000",
        "Successfully updated rule: 'ksTestRule'"
# curl -k -X POST 'https://abc.sj.us:8443/rest/tier/rule/modify?name=ksTestRule&expr=p' --user mapr:mapr
{"timestamp":1526489124827,"timeofday":"2018-05-16 09:45:24.827 GMT-0700 AM","status":"OK","total":0,"data":[],"messages":["Successfully updated rule: 'ksTestRule'"]}