tier list

Lists the tiers on the cluster.


maprcli tier list
    [ -cluster <cluster_name> ] 
    [ -sortby <attribute> ]
    [ -sortorder asc|desc ]
Request Type GET
Request URL


Parameter Description
cluster The name of the cluster on which to run the command.
sortby Specifies one of the following attributes to sort the list of tiers by: tierid, tiername, tiertype, url, throttling, bucketname, region, objectstoretype, volume, topology
sortorder The order to sort the results by. Value can be:
  • asc - for ascending order
  • desc - for descending order


The command returns the following:

volume The name of the tiered volume.
tiertype The type of tier. Value can be one of the following:
  • cold
  • ectier
dbtopology The topology of the metadata volume associated with the tier.
dbvolumeid The ID of the metadata volume associated with the tier.
tierid The ID of the tier.
tiername The name of the tier.
bucketname The name of the bucket. The value is displayed for cold tiers only.
region The region. The value is displayed for cold tiers only.
objectstoretype The type of object store (for cold tiers only). Value can be one of the following:
  • S3-AWS
  • S3-GCS
  • S3-HDS
  • S3-IBM
  • S3-Others
  • Azure-Blobs
url The tier URL. The value is displayed for cold tiers only.


Get the list of tiers:

# maprcli tier list
volume                         tiertype  dbtopology  dbvolumeid  tierid     tiername    bucketname    region     objectstoretype  url                      
mapr.internal.tier.ksTestCold  cold      /data       135415553   30712925   ksTestCold  ksekhar-test  us-east-1  S3-AWS           http://s3.amazonaws.com  
mapr.internal.tier.testCold    cold      /data       192997092   189158428  testCold    testbucket    us-east-1  S3-AWS           http://s3.amazon.com     
mapr.internal.tier.ksTestEC    ectier    /data       87658196    198680137  ksTestEC        
# curl -k -X GET 'https://abc.sj.us:8443/rest/tier/list' --user mapr:mapr
{"timestamp":1533055528861,"timeofday":"2018-07-31 09:45:28.861 GMT-0700 AM","status":"OK","total":0,"data":[{"tierid":"30712925","tiername":"ksTestCold","tiertype":"cold","url":"http://s3.amazonaws.com","bucketname":"ksekhar-test","region":"us-east-1","volume":"mapr.internal.tier.ksTestCold","dbtopology":"/data","dbvolumeid":135415553,"objectstoretype":"S3-AWS"},{"tierid":"189158428","tiername":"testCold","tiertype":"cold","url":"http://s3.amazon.com","bucketname":"testbucket","region":"us-east-1","volume":"mapr.internal.tier.testCold","dbtopology":"/data","dbvolumeid":192997092,"objectstoretype":"S3-AWS"},{"tierid":"198680137","tiername":"ksTestEC","tiertype":"ectier","volume":"mapr.internal.tier.ksTestEC","dbtopology":"/data","dbvolumeid":87658196}