table changelog add


Creates a changelog and creates a stream topic if one does not already exist. A changelog establishes a relationship between a HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Database source table (JSON or binary) and a HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Event Store stream topic.


Table 1.
maprcli table changelog add -path <source table path> -changelog <destination stream path>:<topic name>
http://<ipaddress>:8443/rest/table/changelog/add?path=<source-table-path>&changelog=<destination stream path>:<topic name>


Table 2.
Parameter Description
path (Required) Path of the source table.
changelog (Required) Target of the change log, specified as <stream_path>:<topic_name>, to which all change data records will be published. The stream must exist, otherwise, the command fails. If the topic does not already exist, maprcli table changelog add creates it. To propagate to an existing topic, specify -useexistingtopic.
Note: The maprcli stream create command is used to create the changelog stream.
Important: A CDC changelog stream's default partitions can impact how many partitions a stream topic can have. This is because once you create a stream topic for a changelog stream, the number of topic partitions is locked. The number of topic partitions cannot change.

When using the table changelog add command to add a stream topic (as well as establish a relationship between the source table and the changelog stream), then the number of topic partitions is inherited from the changelog stream and is locked.

useexistingtopic If true, allows propagation to an existing topic. Default: false.
propagateexistingdata If true, initiates propagation of the existing data to the stream topic, otherwise, only new changes are propagated. Default: true
columns For HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Database JSON, a comma separated list of field paths to be propagated. For HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Database Binary, a comma separated list of column family names, for example, <family>[:<column>] to be propagated. Default: All fields are propagated.
throttle If true, data transfers to the specified sink are throttled. Default: false
pause If true, pauses propagation after the changlog is created. Default: false
synchronous If true, acknowledges the client writes to the table before the internal CDC gateway receives the data. Default: false
networkencryption Specifies whether the data transfer between MapR filesystem and the internal gateway is encrypted. If true, data propagation is encrypted on-wire. Default: false
networkcompression Specifies the compression scheme (off|lzf|lz4|zlib) of the data transfer on-wire. Default: lz4


maprcli table changelog add -path /tableVolume/cdcTable -changelog /streamVolume/changelogStream:cdcTopic1