Step 3: Create Scopes and Rules

Explains how to setup Scopes and Rules.

Scopes partition KMIP managed object storage into multiple named buckets, while Roles in the KMIP secrets engine determine the set of KMIP operations that KMIP clients are allowed to perform.

  1. Create a Scope. In this example, it is named mapr.
    $ vault write -f kmip/scope/mapr
  2. Create a new Role under the example Scope mapr. Name the Role maprkmipclient1.
    $ vault write kmip/scope/mapr/role/maprkmipclient1 operation_all=true
The Role should be displayed as follows:
$ vault read kmip/scope/mapr/role/maprkmipclient1
Key                    Value
---                    -----
operation_all          true
tls_client_key_bits    0
tls_client_key_ttl     0s
tls_client_key_type    n/a