mrconfig sp online

The mrconfig sp online command makes an offline storage pool online.

When a storage pool is taken offline with the mrconfig sp offline command, the storage pool is not available for reads and writes. Typically this is done so the fsck (filesystem check) command can be run to check for or repair filesystem inconsistencies.

After the storage pool is put back online with the mrconfig sp online command, the storage pool is once again available for reads and writes, and the gfsck (global filesystem check) command can be run on the affected cluster, volumes or snapshots.

See mrconfig for instructions on running mrconfig commands.


mrconfig sp online <sp path>




sp path

The device path of the storage pool; example /dev/sdc


Online a storage pool with a path of /dev/sdc on a local node
/opt/mapr/server/mrconfig sp online /dev/sdc