mrconfig sp offline

The mrconfig sp offline command takes a loaded storage pool offline. When a storage pool is offline it remains loaded into memory but it is not available to MapR filesystem for reads and writes.

The main use of the mrconfig sp offline command is to take a storage pool offline so the fsck (filesystem check) command can be run on one or more disks or storage pools if there are lost or corrupt containers, directories, tables, files, filelets, or blocks.

After running fsck the storage pool is brought back online with the mrconfig sp online command, and then typically the gfsck (global filesystem check) command would be run on the affected cluster, volumes, or snapshots.

See mrconfig for instructions on running mrconfig commands.


mrconfig sp offline <sp path>




sp path

The device path of the storage pool; example /dev/sdc


Offline a loaded storage pool with a path of /dev/sdc on localhost
/opt/mapr/server/mrconfig sp offline /dev/sdc