Collects node and cluster-level information for the node on which you invoke the script.

The information collected is used to help MapR Support diagnose problems. Use to collect diagnostic information from all nodes in the cluster.

The "mini-dump" option limits the size of the support output. When you specify the -m or --mini-dump option along with a size, collects only a head and tail, each limited to the specified size, from any log file that is larger than twice the specified size. The total size of the output is therefore limited to approximately 2 * size * number of logs. You can specify the size using the following suffixes:

  • b - bytes
  • k - kilobytes (1024 bytes)
  • m - megabytes (1024 kilobytes)


       [ -n| --name <name> ]
       [ -l| --no-logs ]
       [ --no-hadoop-logs ]
       [ --hbase-logs ]
       [ --sqoop-logs ]
       [ --eco-logs ]
       [ --oozie-logs ]
       [ --spark-logs ]
       [ --pig-logs ]
       [ --impala-logs ]
       [ --hue-logs ]
       [ --hive-logs ]
       [ --flume-logs ]
       [ --drill-logs ]
       [ -L| --libraries ]
       [ -d| --output-dir <path> ]
       [ -s| --no-statistics ]
       [ -c| --no-conf ]
       [ -i| --no-sysinfo ]
       [ -o| --exclude-cluster ]
       [ -O| --online ]
       [ -z| --only-cluster ]
       [ --collect-cores ]
       [ --move-cores ]
       [ --port <port> ]
       [ --nfsport <port> ]
       [ -m| --mini-dump <size> ]
       [ -A| --logs-age <days> ]
       [ -?| --help ]




-n or --name

Specifies the name of the output file. If not specified, the default is a date-named file in the format YYYY-MM-DD-hh-mm-ss.tar

-l or --no-logs Does not include log files.
--no-hadoop-logs Does not include Hadoop log files
--hbase-logs Includes Hbase log files.
--sqoop-logs Includes Sqoop log files
--eco-logs Includes all ecosystem log files.
--oozie-logs Includes Oozie log files.
--spark-logs Includes Spark log files.
--pig-logs Includes Pig log files.
--impala-logs Includes Impala log files.
--hue-logs Includes Hue log files.
--hive-logs Includes Hive log files.
--flume-logs Includes Flume log files.
--drill-logs Includes Drill log files.

-L or --libraries

Includes libraries.

-d or --output-dir

The absolute path to the output directory. If not specified, the default is /opt/mapr/support/collect/

-s or --no-statistics

Does not include statistics.

-c or --no-conf

Does not include configurations.

-i or --no-sysinfo

Does not include system information.

-o or --exclude-cluster

Does not collect cluster diagnostics.

-O or --online

Saves the support dump output file to the /var/mapr/cluster/support directory in maprfs. When not specified, the output file is stored at /opt/mapr/support/dump on the local machine filesystem.

Specifies a space-separated list of nodes from which to gather support output, and uses the warden instead of ssh for transmitting the support data.

-z or --only-cluster Collects diagnostic information at the cluster level only.


Collects cores of running mfs processes from all nodes (off by default)


Moves mfs and nfs cores from /opt/cores from all nodes (off by default)


The port number used by the FileServer. Default: 5660


The port used by the NFS server. Default: 9998

-m, --mini-dump <size>

For any log file greater than 2 * <size>, collects only a head and tail each of the specified size. The <size> may have a suffix specifying units:

  • b - blocks (512 bytes)
  • k - kilobytes (1024 bytes)
  • m - megabytes (1024 kilobytes)

-A or --logs-age <days>

Collects logs newer than the specified number of days. The default value for this parameter is 7. Specify a value of 0 to have the script collect logs of any age.

-? or --help

Displays usage help text


The example produces a tar file at /opt/mapr/support/dump/mysupport-output.tar. To extract the tar file, use tar -xf mysupport-output.tar. The directory structure is as follows:

$ ls
mysupport-output    mysupport-output.tar

$ ls mysupport-output
MapRBuildVersion       hostid            mfsstate_commands
cluster                hostname          roles
cluster_summary.txt    linux-release     support_dump.log
conf                   logs              system_info
conf_file_metadata     mapr-clusters.conf
  • mfsstate_commands - Contains all information collected about the state of the filesystem are stored the the mfsstate_commands directory.

  • cluster - Contains information associated with maprcli_commands, resourcemanager, and volume_dumps.
  • system_info - Contains all information related to the system state and configuration.
  • support_dump.log - Contains console output of the individual commands launched by the support dump script.
  • Commonly required files - cluster_summary.txt, conf_file_metadata, hostid, hostname, linux-release, MapRBuildVersion, mapr-clusters.conf, and support_dump.log are place in the dump root for easier access.


Collect support information and dump it to the file /opt/mapr/support/collect/mysupport-output.tar:
/opt/mapr/support/tools/ -n mysupport-output

Example Output

/opt/mapr/support/tools/ -n mysupport-output
2015-06-25 11:51:38.397 INFO Starting Support dump collection. For diagnostics, refer to supportèdump.log inside the dump
2015-06-25 11:51:38.402 INFO Collecting system information
2015-06-25 11:51:49.596 INFO Collecting mapr logs
2015-06-25 11:52:00.734 INFO Log collection from maprfs is succesful.
2015-06-25 11:52:00.804 INFO Collecting cluster configuration
2015-06-25 11:53:07.626 INFO Skipping /opt/mapr/logs/prerequisitecheck.log since it does not exist
2015-06-25 11:53:07.639 INFO Skipping /opt/mapr/hbase/hbase-0.94.17/conf since it does not exist
2015-06-25 11:53:10.436 INFO Collecting cluster summary information
2015-06-25 11:53:19.183 INFO Collecting detailed cluster information
2015-06-25 11:54:03.219 INFO Dump collection is succesful. Tar file: /opt/mapr/support/dump/mysupport-output.tar