dbshell delete


The dbshell delete command deletes a single JSON document. To delete a document, specify the path of the table where the document is located, the ID of the document, and an optional condition. If the condition for the specified document evaluates to true, the document is deleted.


delete Options Description

*, --t, --table


Table path



ID of the document to delete

Note: You can specify this parameter only once.

--c, --where

OJAI condition, in JSON format

The condition must qualify to perform the delete. See OJAI Query Condition Syntax for a description of the syntax.


delete <table path> --id <row-key> --c <condition>

Example: Delete a Document if a Condition is Met

The following example deletes the document with the _id id1, if the condition (a.b[0].boolean == false && (a.c.d != 5 || a.b[1].decimal > 1)) is met:

delete /tbl --id id1
    --c {

Example: Delete a Document

The following example deletes a document with _id movie0000002 from the movies table:

delete /data/movies --id movie0000002