dbshell create

Describes how to use HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Database shell to create a JSON table.


To create JSON tables, run the create <table path> command.

When you create a JSON table using mapr dbshell, the default column family is created automatically. There are no commands for creating additional column families. To create column families, exit the shell and use the maprcli table cf create command.
Note: If you are using a 5.2.x dbshell client to connect to a 6.0 (or later) server, you must set the insertionorder table option to false before creating your table. The insertionorder option is not support as of 6.0. See the following example:
tableoptions --insertionorder false
Run tableoptions in dbshell to see the current setting of insertionorder.


create Options Description
--t, --table <table path> Table path

Although the --t and --table qualifiers are optional, you must specify a <table path>.


create <table path>


In the following example, data is the volume name and movies is the new table name.

create /data/movies