Utimaco ESKM Integration Guide

Describes how to integrate the data-fabric platform with the Utimaco ESKM server.

This integration guide outlines the steps required to integrate the data-fabric platform with the Utimaco Enterprise Software Key Manager (ESKM) server:

  • For a fresh installation, perform the following steps before installing the data-fabric platform.

  • For an upgrade, perform these steps before running the configure.sh script.

The difference between the fresh installation and upgrade is that for a fresh installation, the CLDB and DARE master keys are generated by the ESKM and saved in the ESKM for disaster recovery purposes, whereas for an upgrade, the existing CLDB and DARE master keys are used.

The data-fabric integration will work with any ESKM release from 4.0 onwards, although this integration guide is based on the ESKM 5.2 release. Changes in the ESKM user interface and functionality in different ESKM releases may affect the steps outlined in this integration guide. Refer to the Utimaco ESKM documentation (get it from the vendor) for the authoritative guide for the ESKM appliance.

The steps to integrate data-fabric platform are as follows:

  1. Install and set up the ESKM
  2. Download the CA Certificate
  3. Create and download the client certificate
  4. Create the KMIP group and user