Environment Variables

Describes the environment variables specific to the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric.

For core release 6.0 and later, environment variables should be set in /opt/mapr/conf/env_override.sh. Editing /opt/mapr/conf/env.sh is no longer recommended. For more information, see About env_override.sh.


Example Values


CLDB_EXTERNAL_RPC_PORT 5000 If clients outside the cluster cannot reach CLDB on the default port, use the CLDB_EXTERNAL_RPC_PORT environment variable to specify the port on which CLDB can be reached.
JAVA_HOME /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-sun The directory where the correct version of Java is installed.
MAPR_HOME /opt/mapr (default) The directory in which the core software is installed.
MAPR_EXTERNAL, If your cluster nodes have multiple NICs, use the MAPR_EXTERNAL environment variable to grant external clients access to a cluster node on specific IP addresses. The value of the MAPR_EXTERNAL environment variable on a node is a comma-separated list of up to four IP addresses with no spaces.

MAPR_SUBNETS is used for data-fabric RPC to RPC communication. The MFS, CLDB, NFS, and LOOPBACKNFS modules use this environment variable.

The NFS and LOOPBACKNFS modules use this environment variable when registering with CLDB.

If you do not want data-fabric to use all NICs on each node, use this environment variable to restrict data-fabric traffic to specific NICs. Set MAPR_SUBNETS to a comma-separated list of up to four subnets in CIDR notation with no spaces. If you do not set MAPR_SUBNETS,data-fabric uses all NICs present on the node. When MAPR_SUBNETS is set, make sure that the node can reach all nodes in the cluster (servers and clients) using the specified subnets.
MAPR_USER mapr (default) Used with configure.sh to specify the user under which data-fabric runs its services. If not explicitly set, it defaults to the user mapr. After configure.sh is run, the value is stored in daemon.conf .
MAPR_ECOSYSTEM_LOGIN_OPTS *hybrid* Specifies the JAAS configuration to use with installed open source components.