HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric XD Distributed File and Object Store

XD Cloud-Scale Data Store provides exabyte-scale data store for building intelligent applications with the Data Fabric Converged Data Platform. XD includes all the functionality you need to manage large amounts of conventional data.

Why XD?

XD can be installed on SSD- and HDD-based servers. It includes the filesystem for data storage, data management, and data protection, support for mounting and accessing the clusters using NFS and the FUSE-based POSIX (basic, platinum, or PACC) clients, and support for accessing and managing data using HDFS APIs. The cluster can be managed using the Control System and monitored using Data Fabric Monitoring (Spyglass initiative). XD is the only Cloud-Scale Data store that enables you to build a fabric of exabyte scale. XD supports trillions of files, 100s of 1000s of client nodes and can run on Edge Cluster, on-prem data centers and the public cloud.

Direct Access NFSHDFSFUSE-based POSIX ClientsREST APIStorage AbstractionData ProtectionfilesystemMapR Control SystemMapR Monitoring

How Do I Get Started?

Based on your role, refer to the following documentation:

Architect Administrator/Dev Ops Developer
Planning the Cluster Installing XD Managing data using maprcli
Planning for high availability Setting up volumes, volume replication, snapshots, and mirroring schedules Accessing data-fabric filesystem using HDFS APIs
Reviewing security capabilities and architecture Configuring security with ACLs/ACEs and tickets
Mounting the cluster for access using NFS and POSIX clients
Managing the cluster using MCS and monitoring the cluster using MapR Monitoring

Additional Resources

See the following data-fabric site for more XD information: