C# OJAI Client Classes and Methods

This topic lists and describes the classes supported by the C# OJAI client and provides a link to document pages that describe the methods in each class.

Class Name Description
Value Encapsulates the value of a field, scalar, or complex in an OJAI document.
OjaiDocument Provides the primary, DOM-based interface for inspecting OJAI documents
OjaiDocumentStream/QueryResult Encapsulates the result set of an OJAI query.
OjaiDocumentMutation Encapsulates a mutation to an existing OJAI document in a store.
Query Encapsulates an OJAI query.
QueryCondition Encapsulates a query condition; similar to a SQL where clause.
ConnectionFactory Provides a logical connection to an OJAI data source: for example, HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Database JSON.
MapRDBConnection Provides a connection handler, which enables you to get and check connections.
OjaiDocumentStore Encapsulates a store, typically persistent, of OJAI documents: for example, HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Database JSON tables.
OTime Encapsulates the OJAI TIME type.
OTimestamp Encapsulates the OJAI TIMESTAMP type.
ODate Encapsulates the OJAI DATE type.
OInterval Encapsulates the OJAI INTERVAL type.

See the C# OJAI Client API for details about each class, including the methods available in each class.