Troubleshooting Changelogs

checkandcreate topic failed with error 17

I'm getting a checkandcreate topic error while trying to edit a changelog topic.

Because the maprcli table changelog add command is an asynchronous command, the CDC relationship (same as replication relationship) involves storing information at both the source and destination sides. This results in the following behavior:
  • When the maprcli table changelog add operation succeeds, it means that the add request is received. To check whether there is an error during the add operation, run the maprcli table changelog list operation.
  • The maprcli table changelog edit operation only modifies the information on the source side, even if an error is display in the maprcli table changelog list output, the changelog can still be modified.

Troubleshooting methods:

  • If the stream topic already exists in the destination and you are getting an error, delete the topic. The maprcli table changelog add operation automatically retries and finishes.
  • If the error can not be fixed, delete the partial relationship from the source side with the maprcli table changelog remove operation and retry.

Enabling/Disabling Propagation

Propagation of existing table data is enabled by default. If you do not want to propagate existing source table data, set the -propagateexistingdata parameter to false. The default is true.

Propagation is enabled as soon as the table changelog relationship is added. If you do not want propagation to begin, set the -pause parameter to true. The change data records are stored in a bucket until you resume the changelog relationship; at this point, the stored change data records are propagated to the stream topic. See table changelog resume for more information.