PACC 6.2.0_7.0.0 Release Notes

These notes describe the Persistent Application Container Client (PACC) for core 6.2.0 with MEP 7.0.0.

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Version 6.2.0_7.0.0
Release Date October 2020
MapR Version Interoperability Compatible with release 6.2.0 and MEP 7.0.0
Docker Hub Docker containers for the data-fabric installation files are located here:
Documentation About the Persistent Application Client Container (PACC)
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New in This Release

This release provides support for core 6.2.0 with MEP 7.0.0 and compatibility with core 6.1.0.

This release provides an option during image configuration to specify additional packages. If you prefer to use existing images from the Docker hub, you can use an environmental variable to specify packages that are installed during startup. This option increases startup time and requires an Internet connection.

For more information, see Creating a PACC Image Using


CORE-497: mapr-thin-client-6.2.0*.tar.gz: kill_client_processes() function from mapr-fuse script invokes killproc with incorrect params.

Known Issues and Limitations

CORE-498: After installation of the mapr-thin-client*.tar.gz, the mapr-posix-client-container fails to start, and the following message appears in the /opt/mapr/logs/posix-client-container.log:
Failed to call init on library /tmp/
This issue is fixed in release 6.2 but might affect earlier PACC releases.
Workaround: Create the following file (the file can be empty), and retry the operation:

For additional known issues, see Data Fabric PACC Known Issues.

Resolved Issues