Viewing the List of Drillbits

Explains how to view the list of Drillbits using the Control System.

Log in to the Control System and go to the Drill Bits tab in the service information page for Drill.
For each Drillbit, the pane displays the following:
Column Name Column Description
Drill Bit ID The ID of the Drillbit.
Node The node on which the Drillbit is installed.
Service State The status of the service. Value can be:
  • Running
  • Stopped
Queries in Progress The number of queries currently in progress.
Resource Usage - Memory The percentage of memory being used.
Resource Usage - CPU The percentage of CPU being used.
Select the checkbox beside one or more Drillbit IDs to:
  • Stop the Service(s)
  • Start the Service(s)
  • Restart the Service(s)
For more information, see Stopping, Starting, and Restarting Drillbits.