Stopping the Services

Describes how to stop services using either the Control System, the CLI or the REST API.

Stopping the Services Running on the Nodes Using the Control System

To stop the services running on the nodes:

  1. Log in to the Control System and click Nodes to display the Nodes page.
    Note: The Nodes page is not available in the Kubernetes version of the Control System.
  2. Select the nodes from the list of nodes in the Nodes pane and click Manage Services to display the Manage Services window.
  3. Choose the Stop radio button for the services you wish to stop on the selected nodes and click Save.

Stopping the Services on a Node Using the Control System

To stop one or more services running on a node:

  1. Go to the Summary tab in the node information page.
  2. Select the services to stop in the Services pane.
  3. Click Stop Service(s).
    The Stop Service(s) confirmation dialog displays.
  4. Verify the list of services to stop and click Stop Service.

Stopping a Service on the Cluster Using the Control System

  1. Log in to the Control System and under Services.
  2. On the non-Kubernetes version, click associated with the service to stop.
    The Stop Service confirmation dialog displays.
  3. Verify the list of nodes on which to stop the service and click Stop Service.

Stopping the Services Using the CLI or REST API

The basic command to stop a service on a node is:

maprcli node services -nodes <node name> -name <service> -action stop

For complete reference information, see node services.