Viewing User Disk Usage Information

Explains how to view user disk usage information using either the Control System or the CLI.

Viewing User Disk Usage Information Using the Control System

To view information about disk usage by cluster users:

Log in to the Control System and go to the User Disk Usage tab under Data > Volumes.
Note: The Volumes page is under the Volumes menu in the Kubernetes version of the Control System.
The disk usage information for all the users displays. For each user, the Accountable Entities pane displays the following:
Column Name Column Description
Type The type of accountable entity (AE). Value can be User or Group.
Accountable Entity The user or group responsible for the volume.
Disk Usage The total disk space used by the user.
Volume Count The number of volumes.
Hard Quota The user's hard quota.
Advisory Quota The user's advisory quota.
Email The email address of the user.
Selecting the checkbox beside an accountable entity makes the Edit Properties button available. You can modify the quotas for the selected entities by clicking Edit Properties. Alternatively, you can click on an entity or associated to modify the email address and quotas for the entity.

Viewing User Disk Usage Information Using the CLI or REST API

The basic command to view user disk usage information is:

maprcli entity info -name <entity name> -type <type>

For complete reference information, see entity info.