Filtering the List of Volumes

Explains how to filter the list of volumes using either the Control System or the CLI.

The filter lets you build search expressions to provide sophisticated filtering capabilities for locating specific data on views that display a large number of volumes. Expressions are implicitly connected by the AND operator.

Filtering on the Control System

  1. Log in to the Control System and click Data > Volumes to filter volumes in the Volumes pane.
    Note: The Volumes page is under the Volumes menu in the Kubernetes version of the Control System.
  2. Select one of the following options from the Add Filter drop-down menu:
    • Volume — to filter the list by volume name
    • Usage — to filter the list by amount of disk used
    • Mount Path — to filter the list by mount path
    • Creator — to filter the list by entity or volume owner
    • Total Size — to filter the list by size of volume
    • Replication Factor — to filter the list by replication factor
    • Physical Topology — to filter by the rack path
    • Tier Type - to filter by a type of tier
    • Quota — to filter by hard quota
    • Data on Wire Encryption — to filter by volumes enabled (On) or disabled (Off) for on-wire encryption
    • Data at Rest Encryption — to filter by volumes enabled (On) or disabled (Off) for data-at-rest encryption (DARE)
  3. Specify the value in the drop-down field for the selected filter (by which to filter the list of volumes) and click Filter.

    As you make selections and specify the filtering criteria, the pane displays only the volumes that match the specified filtering criteria.

  4. Click:
    • Add Filter to add another filtering criteria.
    • to remove a filtering criteria.
    • to clear all filter settings.

Filtering Using the CLI

The volume list command can be used with the -filter option, which let you specify large numbers of volumes by matching specified values in specified fields rather than by typing each name explicitly. For example, you can display all volumes whose owner is root and whose name begins with test as follows:

maprcli volume list -filter [n=="test*"]and[on=="root"]

For more information, see Filters.