Using the Enable DARE Option

You use the Enable DARE option to enable data-at-rest encryption for volumes.

This option appears on the Version & Services page of the web-based Installer when the Enable Secure Cluster option is selected. The Enable DARE option is deselected by default.

For more information about data-at-rest encryption, see Encryption in Data Fabric.

Considerations for Enabling DARE Using the Installer

Before using the Enable DARE option, review these considerations:
Important: Once enabled, the Enable DARE option cannot be disabled, since disk encryption cannot be turned off without reformatting the disks.
  • The Enable DARE option can only be used during the initial installation of a cluster or during an incremental install.
  • You cannot select the Enable DARE option when:
    • The Enable Secure Cluster option is deselected.
    • You perform an upgrade operation using the Installer. Security changes are not allowed during an upgrade using the Installer.
  • If you select the Enable DARE option, you can no longer deselect the Enable Secure Cluster option during an Incremental Install operation.