Installing the Object Store Using the Installer

Using the web-based Installer, you can install the Object Store with S3-Compatible API on the cluster.

You can install the Object Store during a new or incremental installation of Release 6.2 or later. The following option appears on the Version & Services page of the Installer:

Object Store Gateway with S3-Compatible API (2.0.0)

Note these considerations for installing the Object Store using the Installer:
  • Installer 1.15 installs Object Store 2.0.0 with MEP 7.0.0 and 7.0.1.
  • If Enable NFS is specified, the Installer configures the Object Store to use NFS servers.
  • If Enable NFS is not specified, by default the Installer installs Loopback NFS (mapr-loopbacknfs-<version>) on all nodes in the cluster. If you later perform an incremental install to Enable NFS, the Installer uninstalls Loopback NFS and uses NFS servers to interface with the Object Store.
  • The Object Store:
    • Accesses the MapR file system through /mapr
    • Uses port 9000
    • Uses either the http or https protocol
  • You cannot upgrade Object Store 1.0.x to Object Store 2.0.0 manually or by using the Installer. Upgrades are not supported.

To install the Object Store manually, see Installing Object Store with S3-Compatible API. To learn more about managing and using the Object Store, see Object Store with S3-Compatible API.