Uninstalling Software Using the Installer Uninstall Button

You can use a single button to uninstall data-fabric software on all nodes in the cluster.

The Uninstall button appears on the status page of the Installer web interface when you connect to an installed cluster. The Uninstall button removes data-fabric software (but does not remove the Installer) from all nodes in the cluster.
Note: You can also use Installer Stanzas to uninstall software. See Uninstalling Core Using an Installer Stanza.

To use the Uninstall button:

  1. Use a browser to connect to the cluster using the Installer URL:
    https://<Installer Node hostname/IPaddress>:9443
  2. On the status screen, click the Uninstall button. The Installer displays the Uninstall screen.
  3. Enter your SSH password and other authentication information as needed, and click Next. The installer begins the uninstall process.