Starting Up a Cluster Using the Installer Startup Button

You can use a single button to start software on a cluster.

The Startup button is a feature of Installer 1.8 or later. The Startup button appears on the status page of the Installer web interface when the cluster is in the shutdown state. The Startup button starts Warden and Zookeeper, which in turn start other running services that are part of a cluster.

Note: If the Startup button is not visible and the Shutdown button is present, the cluster is still running and is not in the shutdown state
The Startup button works differently depending on your cluster deployment:
Deployment Startup Button Behavior
On premise Starts the Zookeeper and Warden services on all nodes.
In the cloud Starts the virtual machine nodes and then starts Zookeeper and Warden services on all nodes.

To use the Startup button:

  1. For a cluster deployed in the cloud, use the AWS console or the Azure portal to ensure that the nodes are shut down before you try to start them.
  2. Use a browser to connect to the cluster using the Installer URL:
    https://<Installer Node hostname/IPaddress>:9443
  3. On the status screen, click the Startup button. The Installer displays the Authentication screen.
  4. Enter your authentication information if requested, and click Startup. The installer begins the startup process.
  5. To shut down software on the cluster, see Shutting Down a Cluster Using the Installer Shutdown Button.