Exporting a Cluster Configuration

If a cluster was installed using the Installer or a Installer Stanza, you can use the export command to generate a Stanza that captures the state of the cluster. You can then modify the Stanza to perform incremental installs or upgrades.

This example uses the export command to generate the tt.yaml Stanza file. The command includes -n so that certificates will not be checked:
./bin/mapr-installer-cli export -n --file /tmp/tt.yaml
Note: The export command does not export the config.ssh_password field. When using the exported YAML file, you need to provide the password manually, pass it as an override, or specify a value contained in a secured file, as described in Installing or Upgrading Core Using an Installer Stanza.

For another example of using the export command, see MapR Stanzas (blog).