MapR POSIX Clients

Describes how to install the POSIX loopback NFS, and the FUSE-based POSIX clients.

This section contains instructions for installing the data-fabric POSIX Clients. The data-fabric software provides a POSIX loopback NFS client package, and FUSE-based POSIX Basic and Platinum client packages. Each FUSE-based POSIX client package implies a specific data-fabric filesystem throughput optimization of n/G per second. These clients can be installed and used according to the same principles as the POSIX loopback NFS client.

Overview of loopback NFS and FUSE-based POSIX Clients

The NFS version 3.0 protocol does not have secure data transit, nor authentication capabilities to authenticate users who connect to the data-fabric NFS version 3.0 server. Any client and any user can connect to the data-fabric NFS server, remotely.

Loopback NFS tightens security and ensures that only authenticated users can access the NFS server. The loopback NFS client runs on the same node as the NFS server, and can connect to only that NFS server based on the ticket generated. Remote clients cannot access the server.

Tip: For enhanced performance and reliability, use a FUSE-based POSIX client that works similar to the loopback NFS server in terms of security and authentication, and always set the MAPR_SUBNETS enivronment variable.
Note: NFS version 4.0 has in-built security and authentication. Remote clients and users can access data-fabric NFS version 4.0 servers securely.