Installing the MAST Gateway

Describes how to install the MapR Automated Storage Tiering (MAST) Gateway service.

The MAST Gateway acts as the centralized entry point for all the operations that need to be performed on the tiered storage. The MAST Gateway can be installed (with or without filesystem) on specific hosts on the MapR cluster with access to the 3rd party cloud storage (for cold tier operations) or on the edge node. Before you install the MAST Gateway, review the Pre-Installation Considerations.

See Configuring the MAST Gateway Service after installing the MAST Gateway.

Installing the MAST Gateway Using the MapR Installer

When you install MapR 6.1 or later using the Installer, select the MapR-XD: Cloud Scale Data Platform auto-provisioning template to automatically install the MAST Gateway on all the nodes.

Installing the MAST Gateway from the Command-line

Run the following command on the node where you want to install the MAST Gateway:
CentOS yum install mapr-mastgateway
Ubuntu apt-get install mapr-mastgateway
Suse zypper install mapr-mastgateway

Installing Additional MAST Gateways from the Command-line

If you install a new MAST Gateway on a cluster already performing tiering operations (using other installed MAST Gateways), perform the following steps to force CLDB to rebalance utilization of all the MAST Gateways including the newly added MAST Gateway:
  1. Install the mapr-mastgateway package on the node.
  2. Run with the -R option to register the MAST Gateway with CLDB.
    For example:
    /opt/mapr/server/ -R
    After this command runs, newly created volumes are assigned to this MAST Gateway.
  3. Run the following command to force CLDB to reassign existing volumes to the least utilized MAST Gateways:
    /opt/mapr/server/mrconfig mastgateway refreshvolassignment <volume-name>

    You must run this command once for each volume to reassign. MapR recommends running this command for all volumes if MAST Gateway is either newly added to the cluster or permanently removed from the cluster. When this command runs, CLDB reassigns the volume tiering operation to the least utilized MAST Gateway, which might be the newly added MAST Gateway, to force rebalancing.

    For more information, see mastgateway refreshvolassignment.