Determining if a File was Uploaded

The service externalizes the status of file uploads as an extended attribute on the files uploaded. Therefore, the service recovers easily from arbitrary crashes and restarts. Files not uploaded will be rediscovered and then uploaded.

To determine if a particular file has been uploaded by the service to AWS S3, you can examine the extended attribute on the file as shown in the following example using the unsupported script, which is included in <MAPR_HOME>/filemigrate/filemigrate-1.0.0/bin/ directory:

/opt/mapr/filemigrate/filemigrate-1.0.0/bin/ /tmp/afile
    Thu Jan  5 00:32:26 EST 2017                

Ensuring that Login is Successful

If the username and password do not work correctly, make sure that the following properties are configured correctly in the properties file:

  • authorized.users
  • authorized.groups

See for information on these properties.