Viewing the Contents of a Snapshot from the Command Line

Describes how to view the contents of the .snapshot directory from the CLI.

At the top level of each volume is a directory named .snapshot containing all the snapshots for the volume. You can view the directory with hadoop fs commands or by mounting the cluster with NFS. To prevent recursion problems, ls and hadoop fs -ls do not show the .snapshot directory when you list the contents of the top-level volume directory. You must navigate explicitly to the .snapshot directory to view and list the snapshots for the volume.


hadoop fs -ls /myvol/.snapshot
   Found 1 items
   drwxrwxrwx   - root root          1 2011-06-01 09:57 /myvol/.snapshot/2011-06-01.09-57-49

In the preceding example, /myvol is the mount point of the volume for which the snapshot named 2011-06-01.09-57-49 was created and stored in the .snapshot directory.