Cluster Maintenance Schedule

Lists a sample maintenance schedule for the cluster.

A maintenance schedule shows which tasks a cluster administrator should perform daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly, along with the initial setup tasks. This sample schedule is offered as a template that you can customize to suit your needs.

Initial Setup Daily Weekly Monthly Quarterly
Perform hardware checks Check alarms

Check logs (cluster and job logs)

Clean up logs Audit storage use
Check Prerequisites Onboard new users Check for zombie jobs Reevaluate node and volume topology Perform security audit
Verify Installation Offboard users Perform simple performance test Check performance (jobs, I/O) Upgrade core, Hive, HCatalog
High Availability planning Check cluster health Verify snapshots Verify mirrors
Set up VIPs for NFS for the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Perform hardware maintenance (disks) Remove old snapshots Clean up data
Benchmark and tuning Failbacks to restore service layout filesystem balancing
Set up node and volume topologies
Capacity planning Upgrade ecosystem components (other than Hive and HCatalog, which are done quarterly)

Set up user permissions (ACLs, directory permissions, users, home directories)

Set up quotas
Set up compression
Configure cluster queues for MapReduce jobs
Set up schedules (fair scheduler, capacity scheduler, job placement)
Set up snapshots and mirrors
Configure NICs
Set up monitoring tools
Set up security
Create a disaster recovery plan