Deleting File and Directory ACEs

Describes how to delete file and directory ACEs using the CLI.

You can remove all Access Control Expression (ACE) associated with a file or directory using the hadoop mfs -delace command. When you delete all the ACEs, the system sets the ACE for the file or directory to the default value, which is the empty string (""). The POSIX mode bits are not reset; if necessary, run the chmod command to reset POSIX mode bits.

You cannot remove specific access types that have been set; instead, use the empty string to deny specific types of access. When the empty string ("") is used to deny a specific type of access, that type of access is denied to all users, groups, and roles. To deny access to specific users only, use the negation operator (!). If you use the empty string ("") or the negation operation (!) to deny a specific type of access, the corresponding POSIX mode bit are also reset to match the ACE setting.