Configuring the File Migration Service Using the Properties File

Lists the procedure to configure the File Migration Serivce using a properties file.

To configure the File Migration Service:

  1. Stop the service (if it is currently running).
  2. Make a copy of the /opt/mapr/filemigrate/filemigrate-1.0.0/conf/ file and rename it to if you have not yet set any properties and wish to start from the defaults, as in the following example.
    cp /opt/mapr/filemigrate/filemigrate-1.0.0/conf/

    Alternatively, you can use the maprfs:///var/mapr/filemigrate/ file if you have already used the interface to set some properties and want to perform further edits manually. See Managing Policies for more information.

  3. Edit the file to change the settings for the service, if/where necessary, and save the file.
    For more information, see
  4. Copy the file to the /var/mapr/filemigrate/ directory, as in the following example.
    hadoop fs -copyFromLocal /tmp/ /var/mapr/filemigrate
    Note: If the directory does not already exist, create it by running the hadoop fs -mkdir command. The file contains sensitive information and the recommendation is to limit read access to the directory. If the service creates the directory, by default, only the MAPR_USER and MAPR_GROUP have read access to the directory.
  5. Restart the service using the maprcli command, as in the following example.
    maprcli node services -name filemigrate -nodes <node to restart> -action restart