CLDB Failover

Explains the concept of CLDB failover, and its advantages.

The CLDB service automatically replicates its data to other nodes in the cluster, preserving at least two (and generally three) copies of the CLDB data. If the CLDB process dies, it is automatically restarted on the node. All jobs and processes wait for the CLDB to return, and resume from where they left off, with no data or job loss.

If the node itself fails, the CLDB data is still safe, and the cluster can continue normally as soon as the CLDB is started on another node. In an Enterprise Edition-licensed cluster, a failed CLDB node automatically fails over to another CLDB node without user intervention, and without data loss. It is possible to recover from a failed CLDB node on a Community Edition cluster, but the procedure is different.

Complete the following steps to recover from a failed CLDB node on a community edition cluster: