Monitoring Alarms

Provides an overview of how to monitor alarms using the Control Panel and the CLI.

On a cluster with an Enterprise Edition or Enterprise Database Edition license, HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric raises alarms to alert you to information about the cluster:

  • Cluster health, including disk failures
  • Volumes that are under-replicated or over quota
  • Services not running

You can see any currently raised alarms in the Active Alarms pane and the Alarm Summary page of the Control System (click in the Control System) or using the alarm list command. For a list of all alarms, see the Alarms Reference.

When you click , the Alarm Summary page displays all active alarms and for each alarm, the All active alarms pane displays the following:
Column Name Column Description
Severity The severity of the alarm. Value can be:
  • — Critical
  • — Warning
  • — Information
Status The status of the alarm. Value can be:
  • Active
  • Muted
Time The date and time stamp from when the alarm was raised.
Name The name of the alarm.
Info The notes associated with the alarm, which contains description of the alarm and the recommended action to take.
Entity The entity on which the alarm was raised.
Type The type of alarm. Value can be:
You can select the checkbox beside one or more alarms to: