Zeppelin 0.7.2-1710 Release Notes

The notes below relate specifically to the MapR Distribution of Apache Zeppelin. You may also be interested in the Apache Zeppelin 0.7.2 changelog and the Apache Zeppelin project homepage.

Version 0.7.2
Release Date November 2017
Source on GitHub https://github.com/mapr/zeppelin
GitHub Release Tag 0.7.2-mapr-1710
Docker Image Name and Tags
Image Name Operating System Version of the Running Container Tag
maprtech/data-science-refinery CentOS 7.4 v1.0_6.0.0_4.0.0_centos7
Ubuntu 16.04 v1.0_6.0.0_4.0.0_ubuntu16

New in this Release

This is the first MapR release of Apache Zeppelin. The following are important product notes:

  • Apache Zeppelin on MapR is packaged as a Docker container.
  • The Docker container includes the following preconfigured interpreters:
    • Livy
    • JDBC (Drill and Hive)
    • Pig
    • Shell
  • MapR does not support the HBase and Spark interpreters. Support for Spark is available through the Livy interpreter.
  • MapR ecosystem components included in the Docker image are the same as those in the MEP 4.0 release. See MEP 4.0.0 Components and OS Support for details on product version numbers.
  • You can run the Zeppelin Docker image on the following operating systems:
    • Linux (CentOS 7.x, Ubuntu 14, Ubuntu 16)
    • Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)
    • Mac OS X 10.11
  • Verified browsers:
    • Chrome 57
    • Firefox 56.0
    • Microsoft Edge 40
    • Safari 9.0

The MapR product documentation is available at Zeppelin on MapR.


This release by MapR includes the following fixes on the base Apache release. For complete details, refer to the commit log for this project in GitHub.

Commit Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Comment
31a59b9 2017-11-16 MZEP-40: Update Docker files to use default MapR repositories
f4b2a58 2017-11-13 MZEP-40: Update Docker files to use stable Zeppelin repository
43afedd 2017-11-13 MZEP-67: Fix Zeppelin Pig Tutorial so it works on Ubuntu
fed5270 2017-11-13 MZEP-66: Set default working directory to avoid errors in PySpark and Spark Shell
ed7c061 2017-11-11 MZEP-67: Fix failures in second paragraph of Pig Tutorial
fb8df9a 2017-11-10 MZEP-73: Set default username for Drill interpreter on non-secure clusters
d19616a 2017-11-10 MZEP-72: Fix failures in PySpark example in Zeppelin Tutorial
f78e4e4 2017-11-03 MZEP-46: Explicitly set interpreters in code snippets from Zeppelin Tutorial
647a137 2017-11-03 MZEP-60: Increase Livy timeout parameters for Spark YARN configuration
d9e4a06 2017-11-03 MZEP-59: Suppress DRILL_HOME warning
54cfeef 2017-11-01 MZEP-46: Modify output from PySpark and SparkR examples
f74e216 2017-10-27 MZEP-46: Fix the Docker image so it runs on Ubuntu16
b90a313 2017-10-27 MZEP-46: Fix the Python, PySpark, and SparkR tutorials so they run in a MapR environment
fcf1cce 2017-10-23 MZEP-48: Include mapr-hbase package so Spark Connector for MapR Database runs with the Livy interpreter
e33773e 2017-10-23 MZEP-46: Modify Zeppelin Tutorial so it works in a MapR environment
c5f8024 2017-10-22 MSPARK-99: Add SparkVersion file to /opt/mapr/spark
8aba877 2017-10-21 MZEP-39: Include Kafka client jar
39c74c6 2017-10-18 MZEP-29: Include ZEPPELIN_DRILL_CLASSPATH in Drill interpreter settings
da4603d 2017-10-18 MZEP-40: Publish Zeppelin Docker image on dockerhub
185b313 2017-10-17 MZEP-29: Include Drill and Hive JDBC
66acd0a 2017-10-10 MZEP-38: Fix dependency problems to address build issues
0cdd0c9 2017-10-10 MZEP-38: Fix dependency problems to address build issues
7bbf433 2017-10-10 MZEP-14: Fix port collisions for certain components
2e15609 2017-10-10 MZEP-38: Add Hive and Drill as separate interpreters to interpreters list
4babf22 2017-10-04 MZEP-30: Enable HTTPS by default for Zeppelin UI
4af55cc 2017-10-02 MZEP-31: Move maven arguments to profile
9cfc4bd 2017-10-02 MZEP-31: Move maven arguments to profile
2eefc6d 2017-09-21 Fix shiro.ini to allow users to log in to Docker environment
462889f 2017-09-01 MZEP-18: Add PID for Zeppelin service
733a624 2017-08-28 MZEP-13: Fix Zeppelin service so it starts with MapR Core 6.0
3ccf3ee 2017-08-18 MZEP-4: Add MapR classpath to interpreter classpath
4e26f4b 2017-08-18 MZEP-4 : Implement impersonation in the interpreters using sudo instead of ssh
5d6384c 2017-08-18 MZEP-4: Use PAM by default
6432602 2017-08-17 MZEP-4: Add configure.sh and Warden configuration
6e69cc4 2017-08-17 MZEP-4: Allow root user to build Zeppelin
1a36f87 2017-08-17 MZEP-4: Add MapR repository to pom.xml
3ccf3ee 2017-08-17 MZEP-4: Package Zeppelin to run against MapR clusters
462889ff 2017-09-01 MZEP-18: Add PID for Zeppelin service

Known Issues and Limitations

  • MZEP-17: The HBase interpreter cannot be used to query MapR Database Binary tables.
  • MZEP-79: Legends in plots do not display correctly when running the Matplotlib (Python/PySpark) example from the Zeppelin Tutorial.
  • MD-2397: Zeppelin cannot connect to Drill through the JDBC driver on a secure MapR cluster when Zeppelin has Kerberos authentication enabled.
  • MZEP-86: You cannot run Zeppelin as user 'root'.
  • See MapR PACC Known Issues for issues that apply to running MapR Docker images.