Accessing the Zeppelin Docker Image

To access a container image through Docker, you specify the image name and a tag. In the case of the MapR Data Science Refinery, the tag specifies the operating system of the running container. This operating system does not need to match your host operating system.

The image name and available tags for the latest release are:

Image Name Operating System Version of Running Container Tag
maprtech/data-science-refinery CentOS 7 v1.4.1_6.1.0_6.3.0_centos7
Ubuntu 16 v1.4.1_6.1.0_6.3.0_ubuntu16

For a complete list of all available tags, see

  1. Download the Docker image, referencing the image name and tag. The following downloads the image for CentOS:
    docker pull maprtech/data-science-refinery:v1.4.1_6.1.0_6.3.0_centos7
    Note: A best practice is to choose the image OS that matches the OS running in your MapR cluster.
  2. Verify that you have downloaded the Docker image by listing the Docker images on your machine:
    docker images