Upgrading Sqoop2

This section describes how to upgrade Sqoop2 without the MapR Installer.

Execute the following commands as root or using sudo:
  1. On each Sqoop2 server node, upgrade the mapr-sqoop2-server packages.
    On Ubuntu
    apt-get install mapr-sqoop2-server
    On RedHat and CentOS
    yum update mapr-sqoop2-server
    On SUSE
    zypper update mapr-sqoop2-server
  2. On each Sqoop2 client node, install mapr-sqoop2-client.
    On Ubuntu
    apt-get install mapr-sqoop2-client
    On RedHat / CentOS
    yum update mapr-sqoop2-client
    On SUSE
    zypper update mapr-sqoop2-client