Upgrading MapR Core

Describes the process of upgrading MapR Core.

Upgrading MapR Core typically includes upgrading:
  • MapR Core
  • Ecosystem Components
  • MapR Client

Upgrading MapR Core means you will need to upgrade to a MapR Ecosystem Pack (MEP). Upgrading to MapR 6.0 or later requires you to upgrade to MEP 4.0.0 or later before you can enable MapR 6.x features.

The steps for upgrading a MEP are in another section of this guide because MEPs can be upgraded independently of the MapR Core version. The following procedures prompt you when it is necessary to plan for or upgrade a MEP.

Upgrading MapR Core consists of the following steps:

  1. Planning the Upgrade – Determine the upgrade method, when to upgrade, and whether ecosystem components or MapR clients need to be upgraded along with MapR core.
  2. Preparing to Upgrade – Prepare the cluster for upgrade while it is still operational. This includes pre-upgrade steps for MapR core and ecosystem components.
  3. Upgrading the Cluster
    • Upgrading with the MapR Installer - Use a web interface that automates the upgrade of MapR core and ecosystem components.
    • Upgrading without the MapR Installer - Perform steps to upgrade MapR core and manually upgrade each ecosystem component.
  4. Finishing the Upgrade -Complete the post-upgrade steps for MapR core and any ecosystem components that you upgraded.
  5. Upgrading MapR Clients – Perform steps to upgrade the MapR client.
Note: In this document, the existing version refers to the MapR version that you are upgrading from and the new version refers to the MapR version that you are upgrading to.

Instructions in the following sections guide you through each upgrade step: