Post-Upgrade Steps for MapR Monitoring

Complete the following steps after you upgrade MapR Monitoring Components with or without the MapR Installer.

  1. After you upgrade monitoring components, add customized properties from the configuration files that you backed up before the upgrade to the files in the new installation directories.
    Backups of many of the MapR Monitoring component configuration files are stored in the /opt/mapr/<component>/<component>-<new_version>/etc directory and its subdirectories. During the backup of a configuration file, the upgrade script appends the component version number to the filename. For example, the backup filename for collectd.conf is collectd.conf-5.5.1. Therefore, if you did not manually back up the configuration files before upgrading MapR Monitoring components, you may be able to retrieve the configuration.
  2. On each node in the cluster, run with the -R option.
    /opt/mapr/server/ -R
  3. If you created a snapshot of the Kibana index as described in Pre-Upgrade Steps for MapR Monitoring, restore the snapshot to ensure that you have access to index information that was present before the upgrade. See
  4. If you need to configure the MapR Monitoring components for security, follow the steps in the installation procedures to generate the necessary files and distribute them across the cluster: