Preparing to Upgrade the MapR Ecosystem Pack

Complete these pre-upgrade steps for each ecosystem component in the MEP that you want to upgrade.

For the components provided in each MEP, see the MEP Release Notes.

These steps are intended primarily for ecosystem-component upgrades performed manually (without the MapR Installer). However, you need to perform some pre-upgrade steps even if you are upgrading using the MapR Installer.

Stopping each service is optional if you are using the MapR Installer because the Installer stops all services before upgrading. But the MapR Installer does NOT back up configuration files.

Important: Regardless of the upgrade method that you use, follow the pre-upgrade steps for backing up your configuration files before upgrading. The upgrade process replaces your current configuration files with new configuration files that contain default values for the release to which are upgrading. Any custom settings are lost and must be migrated manually as part of the post-upgrade steps.