Restart All Services

In order for MapR to begin to manage the local Vertica services, you must restart both systems.
  1. On one of the nodes, as the Vertica DBA User, stop the database:
    /opt/vertica/bin/admintools -­t stop_db -­d <database_name> 
  2. On ALL nodes, as root, stop the vertica_agent (automatically started), unmount the vertica volume, and restart the MapR warden:
    service vertica_agent stop
    umount /vertica 
    service mapr­warden restart
  3. Validate that the Vertica service is running on the file servers:
    maprcli node list -­filter [service==fileserver] ­-columns configuredservice,healthDesc
  4. On one of the nodes, as your Vertica DBA User, start your database:
    /opt/vertica/bin/admintools -­t start_db ­-d <your_db_name>