Verifying Selective Auditing of Operations

After you set up the list of operations to include and/or exclude from auditing, you can retrieve and verify the list of included and/or excluded operations using the maprcli volume info command. When you run the volume info command, the output will show the list of operations:

  • Excluded (disableddataauditoperations) from auditing.
  • Included (enableddataauditoperations) for auditing.


The following example shows how to retrieve and verify the list of operations that are:

  • Excluded from auditing
  • Included for auditing
maprcli volume info -name test-volume -path /test/test-volume -json


    "timeofday":"2016-01-10 02:54:27.317 GMT-0700",
                "Principal":"User mapr",
                "Allowed actions":[