Installation and Upgrade Notes (MapR 6.1.0)

This page describes considerations for upgrading to MapR 6.1.0.

If you are upgrading from MapR 4.x or 5.x, be sure to review the Installation and Upgrade Notes (MapR 6.0.0) first.

Upgrading to MapR 6.1.0

Note these considerations for upgrading to MapR 6.1.0, which apply regardless of the method you use to upgrade:

Support Advisory for Upgrading to MapR 6.1.0 If you are upgrading a cluster with volumes created from MapR 4.0.1 or earlier, you might be subject to the issue described in Advisory 4176. Be sure to review the advisory before upgrading to MapR 6.1.0.
Upgrading to MapR 6.1.0 Might Require an OS Upgrade If you want to upgrade to MapR 6.1.0 but your cluster does not use a supported Linux operating system, you must upgrade your operating system before starting the upgrade. For the list of operating system versions supported by MapR 6.1.0, see Operating System Support Matrix (MapR 6.x).
Data-on-wire-encryption Beginning with MapR 6.1, data-on-wire encryption is enabled by default for newly created volumes on secure clusters. Data-on-wire encryption encrypts data in a volume during transmission over the wire. Data-on-wire encryption is not supported for non-secure clusters.

When you upgrade a cluster to a MapR 6.1.0 secure cluster, data-on-wire encryption is enabled by default. You can disable data-on-wire encryption for individual volumes using MCS, the maprcli, or REST API commands.

MapR 6.1.0 and MEP 6.0.0 MapR 6.1.0 requires MEP 6.0.0 or later. MEP 3.0.1 or later can coexist with MapR 6.1.0 only temporarily in the context of an upgrade. For MEP compatibility information, see MEP Support by MapR Core Version.
Metrics Monitoring To support metering, MapR 6.1.0 requires a minimal level of metrics monitoring to be configured. If metrics monitoring is already configured before the upgrade, you must upgrade it as part of the MapR Ecosystem Pack upgrade. If metrics monitoring is not installed, you must install it after the upgrade.

When you upgrade to MapR 6.1 using the MapR Installer, metrics monitoring is configured and enabled by default. See Installing Metering Using the MapR Installer.

When you upgrade to MapR 6.1 using manual steps, you must install metrics monitoring after the upgrade. See Installing Metering Using Manual Steps.

Log Monitoring Upgrades If log monitoring is configured on your cluster and you plan to use either the MapR Installer or manual steps to upgrade to MapR 6.1, you might need to migrate or back up the Kibana and Elasticsearch indexes to version 6 before starting the upgrade. For more information, see Pre-Upgrade Steps for MapR Monitoring. Migrating or backing up the indexes is not needed if log monitoring is not configured or if you are performing a new installation.
Regenerating the mapruserticket File Changes to the CanImpersonate parameter of the mapruserticket file in MapR 6.1.0 require users who upgrade manually to regenerate the file before restarting Warden. See Step 1: Restart and Check Cluster Services.

The file needs to be regenerated to ensure that impersonation works correctly for non-mapr users. Prior to MapR 6.1.0, all mapruserticket files were generated with CanImpersonate = false. MapR 6.1.0 enforces the CanImpersonate parameter and sets the parameter to true for freshly installed clusters. For upgraded clusters, if CanImpersonate is not set to true, some services will not be able to impersonate.

Upgrade Workflows The following upgrade workflows can help you understand the scope of activities involved in an upgrade based on the method you use:
OpenTSDB and Upgrades to MEP 6.0.1 or Later In MEPs 6.0.1 and later, the OpenTSDB service is configured to use a default heap size of 6 GB. In earlier MEPs, the default was 2 GB. Upgrading to MEPs 6.0.1 and later causes the default setting to change to 6 GB. If you configured a custom value for the OpenTSDB service heap size and you want to reinstate the custom value after upgrading to MEP 6.0.1 or later, see Configure the OpenTSDB Service Heap Size.
Professional Support for Upgrades Upgrading can be time-consuming and complicated. Consider engaging MapR professional support services to assist in planning and executing your upgrade. For more information, contact your MapR support representative.

Upgrading to MapR 6.1.0 Using the MapR Installer

Note these considerations for upgrading to MapR 6.1.0 that are specific to the MapR Installer:

MapR Installer 1.10.0 Before upgrading, update the MapR Installer to version 1.10.0 or later. Only MapR Installer 1.10.0 or later can be used with MapR 6.1.0 and MEP 6.0.0.
Version Upgrade Upgrading to MapR 6.1.0 from any other MapR release using the MapR Installer requires you to perform a version upgrade.
Changes to Auto-Provisioning Templates MapR 6.1.0 introduces changes to some auto-provisioning templates. See the "MapR Installer 1.10 Updates" described in Auto-Provisioning Templates.
Special Consideration for MySQL Database If you are upgrading from MapR 5.x to MapR 6.1 and your cluster is configured with a MySQL database, the installer prompts you for the MySQL password during the upgrade. You must enter the MySQL password that you specified when you first installed the cluster. If you did not specify a password for MySQL, you must leave the password field blank during the upgrade operation. If you specify the wrong value for the password, the upgrade can fail. See the known issue for IN-1972 in MapR Installer Known Issues.