stream upstream list

Lists all of the streams that are replicating to a given stream.

Permissions Required on the Target Cluster

To run this command, your user ID must have the following permissions:
  • readAce on the volume
  • lookupdir on directories in the path
  • adminperm permission on the source stream
Note: The mapr user is not treated as a superuser. MapR Event Store For Apache Kafka does not allow the mapr user to run this command unless that user is given the relevant permission or permissions with access-control expressions.


maprcli stream upstream list
	 -path <Stream Path> 
REST http[s]://<host>:<port>/rest/stream/upstream/list?path=<path>


Parameter Description
path The path and name of the stream that you want to list the source streams for.

Sample Output

# maprcli stream upstream list -path /dst -json
	"timeofday":"2015-07-27 03:27:21.303 GMT-0700",

Field Descriptions

The name of the MapR cluster in which the upstream stream is located.
The name of the upstream stream.
The index number of the upstream stream.
The upstream stream's universally unique identifier.