stream topic edit

Allows you to increase the number of partitions that are in the specified topic.

Permissions Required

To run this command, your user ID must have the following permissions:
Note: The mapr user is not treated as a superuser. MapR Event Store For Apache Kafka does not allow the mapr user to run this command unless that user is given the relevant permission or permissions with access-control expressions.


maprcli stream topic edit
	 -path <Stream Path> 
	 -topic <Topic Name> 
	[ -partitions <Number of partitions> ]
       [ -timestamptype Timestamp type: createtime | logappendtime default: createtime ]
REST http[s]://<host>:<port>/rest/stream/topic/edit?path=<path>&topic=<name>&partitions=<number>


Parameter Description
path The path and name of the stream in which the topic is located.
topic The name of the topic to edit.
partitions The number of partitions to use for the topic. You cannot reduce the number of partitions.

To find out how many partitions a topic is currently using, run the command maprcli stream topic info.

Important: A CDC changelog stream's default partitions can impact how many partitions a stream topic can have. This is because once you create a stream topic for a changelog stream, the number of topic partitions is locked. The number of topic partitions cannot change and the stream topic edit command can not modify the topic's partition number.
  • If the stream topic create command is used to create a stream topic, then the number of topic partitions can be set at creation time and then is locked.
  • If the table changelog add command is used to add a stream topic (as well as establish a relationship between the source table and the changelog stream), then the number of topic partitions is inherited from the changelog stream and is locked.
timestamptype Specifies the type of timestamp stored in the topic's message. Value: createtime | logappendtime Default: createtime. The topic inherits the default value from the stream unless the topic sets the timestamp type to a different value.

A createtime value is the time defined by the user or application (when creating the message). If user or application does not define this value (or passes null), the client uses the current system timestamp.

A logappendtime value is the time when the message (log) was appended to the server.