schedule modify

Modifies an existing schedule, specified by ID. Permissions required: fc or a.

To find a schedule's ID:

  1. Use the schedule list command to list the schedules.
  2. Select the schedule to modify.
  3. Pass the selected schedule's ID in the -id parameter to the schedule modify command.


maprcli schedule modify
    [ -cluster <cluster> ] 
    -id <schedule ID>
    [ -name <schedule name> ]
    [ -rules <JSON>]
Request Type POST
Request URL


Parameter Description
cluster The cluster on which to run the command.
id The ID of the schedule to modify.
name The new name of the schedule.
rules A JSON object describing the rules for the schedule. If specified, replaces the entire existing rules object in the schedule. For information about the fields to use in the JSON object, see Rule Fields.


Modify a schedule

maprcli schedule modify -id 0 -name Newname -rules '[{"frequency":"weekly","date":"sun","time":7,"retain":"2w"},{"frequency":"daily","time":14,"retain":"1w"}]'[{"frequency":"weekly","date":"sun","time":7,"retain":"2w"},{"frequency":"daily","time":14,"retain":"1w"}]