mrconfig sp

The mrconfig sp commands create and control storage pools.

Storage pools are created on disk groups, so disk groups must be created before storage pools can be created.

MapR Filesystem reads and writes data (and metadata) to and from logical storage units called volumes. Volumes store data in containers in storage pools.

Initially storage pools don't have any containers, the containers are automatically created for a volume as needed. When a container is created it is assigned a container identifier (cid).

Storage pools aren't associated with any particular volume – storage pools may hold containers for multiple volumes. Large files may be distributed across multiple containers, and therefore across multiple storage pools. Data replication happens at the container level.

Data cannot be written directly to containers, a volume is required.

You can create volumes in one of two ways:

  • Click the Create Volume button in the Data > Volumes page in the MapR Control System, or

See mrconfig for instructions about running mrconfig commands.