mrconfig sp make

The mrconfig sp make command creates a storage pool on a concat disk group.

Warning: Creating a Storage Pool Causes Data Loss

Creating a storage pool on a disk group destroys the data on the disks in the disk group, so be sure that all data on the disks in the disk group is backed up and replicated before creating a storage pool.

See mrconfig for instructions on running mrconfig commands.


mrconfig sp make <dg path>

    [ -P <yes/no> ]
    [ -l <LogSize> ]
    [ -s <deviceSize> ]
    [ -L <Lable> ]
    [ -F ]
    [ -I <cid> ]
    <dg path>





Primary partition or not; yes/no


Log size in number of blocks; Note that this is a lowercase letter "l" (ell), not the number "1".


Disk size in GB


Label for this storage pool


Force the overwrite of any existing storage pool


Initialize the storage pool with one container with the specified container identifier, one directory, and one file. Note that this is an uppercase letter "I" (eye), not the letter "l" (ell) or the number "1".

dg path

The device path of the disk group; example /dev/sdc


Create a storage pool on a disk group with a path of /dev/sdc on a local node
/opt/mapr/server/mrconfig sp make /dev/sdc