mastgateway tierput

Test offloading an object to the storage tier.


mrconfig mastgateway tierput
    [ <objectSize> ]


Parameter Description
isSecure Specifies whether to use HTTPs or HTTP protocol. Value can be one of the following:
  • true - for HTTPs protocol
  • false - for HTTP protocol
objectID The ID of the object to put on the storage tier. Value must be a string.
objectSize The size of the object to put on the storage tier. The default value is 64KB.
tierName The name of the storage tier. If necessary, run the tier list command to retrieve the names of the tiers.


Test offload of an object, whose ID is sapleamazonobj and size is 20971520, to the tier named amazonTier:

# /opt/mapr/server/mrconfig mastgateway tierput amazonTier sampleamazonobj true 20971520
time take for the operation: 4.291000 seconds
tierput successful