mastgateway suspendvolume

Revoke and suspend a volume assigned to a MAST Gateway.

When the command is run:

  1. The volume assignment to the MAST Gateway is revoked.
  2. All tiering activities and client reads and overwrites on the volume are suspended.
  3. The volume is reassigned to another MAST Gateway.

You must manually run the mastgateway resumevolume command to resume tiering activities, including reads and overwrites, on the volume data.


/opt/mapr/server/mrconfig mastgateway suspendvolume <volname> [ignoreflusherr deletcpfiles]


Parameter Description
volname The name of the volume to reassign.

This parameter is internal-only.


This parameter is internal-only.


Revoke volume assignment to MAST Gateway and suspend tiering activities on the volume:

# /opt/mapr/server/mrconfig mastgateway suspendvolume volTSECNEW9_3
2018-08-06 02:38:15,9360 INFO Global SuspendVolume : success for volume volTSECNEW9_3