mastgateway refreshvolassignment

Triggers CLDB to re-assign specified volume to the least utilized MAST Gateway to rebalance tiering operations.

This can be used when new MAST Gateways are added or when MAST Gateways are removed from the cluster.

Note: You must run this command once for each volume to reassign. Run this command for all volumes if MAST Gateway is either newly added to the cluster or permanently removed from the cluster.


mrconfig mastgateway refreshvolassignment <volname>


Parameter Description
volname The name of the volume to reassign.


If the volume is successfully re-assigned, a success message (similar to the one shown in the Examples below) is printed on the console where the command was triggered.

In case of an error, the volume might or might not be assigned to the newly added MAST Gateway. However, the volume would either continue to be assigned to the same MAST Gateway or would be assigned to a different gateway. You can re-run the command in case of a failure.


Refresh the assignment of the containers associated with volume named vold23:

# /opt/mapr/server/mrconfig mastgateway refreshvolassignment vold23
volume assignment refreshed successfully.